Prescription Drugs – 9 News Reports

Prescription Drug misuse and abuse is an epidemic!  Alex Hunter, former Boulder County Court District Attorney lost his son, John, in 2010, due to the combination of alcohol and Oxycontin.  See the live report from 9 news below reported April 29, 2011:

John Hunter-Hauck, 20, was a Colorado State University sophomore when he passed away inside his off-campus home in Fort Collins on May 3, 2010. A coroner’s investigation found he died from a lethal combination of alcohol and prescription pain medication.

Hi father, Alex Hunter, said he had the pain pills in his medicine cabinet.  He is not sure and will never know if his son took the pills from his medicine cabinet or if he got the drugs from a friend.  Alex said, “I was sloppy about it….I was careless…I did not keep track of how many were there….”

Beverly Gmerek, the prescription drug abuse prevention program coordinator at Peer Assisted Services, said “We think a lot about drunk driving, and we’ve changed a lot of our behavior around that, but we haven’t changed the way we think about prescription drug medication.”

In 2009, for example, Gmerek says 445 people in Colorado died from prescription drug abuse, more than twice the number of people who died that year in drunk-driving related crashes.

Parents:   Don’t be sloppy!  Don’t be careless!  Lock up or properly dispose of unused prescription drugs!

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