My Goals For Life – by Matthew Van Masters

MY GOALS FOR LIFE – written by Matthew Van Masters, January 21, 2004

I was going through my computer files and found this list written by my son, Matthew on January 21, 2004, he was 14 years old.  It broke my heart to read this list and realize Matthew would not be able to achieve his dreams and goals.  

As you read through this list, regardless of your age, think about how many of these things were or would be on your list of goals for your life.

1. To get a degree in college.

2. To become a pro skateboarder before the age of 21.

3. To in some point in my life to own a Shelby Cobra.

4. To start my own skateboard company.

5. To get straight A’s all through high school.

6. To get my college degree in San Diego state university.

7. To have a family with a wife, 1 boy and a dog.

8. To keep a good relationship with my family my whole life.

9. To be organized and clean my whole life.

10. To not do drugs no matter what kind of pressure.

11. To be safe and not sorry.

12. To get better at working with computers

13. To be kinder to others I have not been kind to in the past.

14. To respect all living things big or small.

15. To cherish life and not take it for granted.

16. To have a good relationship with everyone around me.

17. To value everything and everyone that crosses my path.

18. To learn lessons from my mistakes.

19. To know that not everyone is perfect but they try.

18. To give my BEST effort in everything I do.

19. Have fun learning and have fun living.

20. Laugh often and love laughing.

21. To keep my friends close and my enemies closer.

22. To try not to have any enemies to keep close.

23. I quote “To judge by content of character not color of skin”

24. To know it is more important to love than to hate.

25. Treat others, as I would want to be treated.

26. Remember the rule “What goes around comes around”.

27. To have faith in god and in others.

28. To never stop believing in what I feel is right.

29. Stay healthy, stay happy, stay alive.

30. Remember big things come in small packages.

31. Value every day like it’s your last.

32. Go to every amusement park and ride the scariest rides.

33. Know that riding those rides will not be regretted.

34. Always always know that I can do better.

35. To have a life that I would not regret.

36. To know and understand what unconditional love is.

37. To always believe in myself.

38. To not have dreams but have goals you want to accomplish.

39. To always have an open mind.

40. To pray often and pray for others first and yourself last.

41. To always say sorry when I know it’s the right thing to do.

42. Make friends with people that want to have friends.

43. Learn how to be a great cook.

44. Learn how to fix anything (become a great handy man).

45. To want to have abundant amounts of knowledge.

46. To not be fearful but be curious.

47. To have control of my mind, body, and spirit.

48. To get my black belt in Ninpo-Tai Jitsu.

49. To argue only if I know I am right.

50. To stop and take a deep breathe once in a while and think.

51. To travel to Europe.

52. To travel to China.

53. To travel to Japan.

54. To travel to Africa.

55. To travel to Australia.

56. To eat escargo

57. To have my own half pipe in my back yard.

58. To have my own street course in my back yard.

59. To have my own shoe brand.

60. To have my own pro model decks.

61. To eat three whole large pizzas in 1 hr.

62. To fly fish and actually catch something.

63. To write a book about anything.

64. To invent something that will help people all around the world.

65. To in some way leave the earth a better place then when I came.

66. To reach 6 feet tall.

67. To be able to bench-press 350 lbs.

68. To draw and sell a picture for over 250$.

69. To buy a lifetime supply of gummy-worms.

70. To, for my honeymoon go to Jamaica.

71. I want my year salary to be 600,000,000,000,000,000,000$ a year.

72. I want to learn French.

73. I want to learn Spanish.

74. I want to learn Japanese and Chinese.

75. I want to own a monkey.

76. I want to own a corgi.

78. I want to own a Siamese cat.

79. I want to own a cockatoo or parrot.

80. I want to live to be exactly 100.

81. I want to run a mile in 6 min flat.

82. I want a degree in business and I want to go to law school.

83. I want to be part of a firm.

84. I want to live in a mansion.

85. I want to experience non-gravity.

86. I would like to invent my own candy.

87. I would like to help save all endangered animals.

88. I would like to own a tiger as a pet/guard tiger.

89. I would like to eat more healthy food than junk food.

90. I would like to have a pool outside my house.

91. I would like to drive over 100 mph in any car.

92. I would like to do a 20-foot gap on a skateboard.

93. I would like to do a 30-foot gap on I dirt bike.

94. I would like to have a huge stereo system in my car.

95. I want an enormous home entertainment center in my room.

96. I would want an extremely fast computer.

97. I would like to own a dirt bike track.

98. I would like to own a Yamaha 4 stroke 250.

99. I would like a raptor 660.



  1. It is heart wrenching to read Matthew’s goals and know he is not here to fulfill them.
    Nothing can make up for that; nothing. And then I look at this website and how raw and real you have created it. My hope is that is makes a big difference by bringing awareness to this danger. Blessings of Success

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